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Having three times the haploid number of chromosomes in the cell nucleus: triploid somatic cells.
A triploid organism or cell.

trip′loi·dy n.
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(Genetics) the condition of being triploid
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In addition, protective measures that may assist in insulating wild clams from their farmed counterparts may include maturation control through triploidy (Vadopalas & Davis 2004).
Triploidy techniques developed for geoducks (Vadopalas & Davis 2004) appear to confer sterility (Vadopalas & Davis, unpublished) and are currently undergoing further evaluation.
Follow-up showed that of the 14 abnormal fetuses, 11 had trisomy 18, 1 had a triploidy, and 2 had multiple severe anomalies but normal karyotypes.
Separate effects of triploidy, parentage and genomic diversity upon feeding behavior, metabolic efficiency and net energy balance in the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas.
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Previous studies have suggested that embryos with 3PN, which develop from ICSI zygotes, are endowed with mechanisms to correct triploidy to diploidy.
In this regard, the method to induce triploidy by cold shock and the optimal experimental conditions to produce high percentage (90-100%) of triploid larvae at hatching has been reported (Alcantar-Vazquez et al., 2008).
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