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1. In three ways: As an actor, singer, and juggler, she was triply qualified for the role.
2. To a triple degree: a triply redundant navigational system.
3. Three times: Prices were triply inflated.


(ˈtrɪp li)

1. to a triple number, measure, or degree.
2. in a triple manner; threefold.


[ˈtrɪplɪ] ADVtres veces
triply dangeroustres veces más peligroso


advdreimal; triply expensivedreimal so teuer
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Tempered in blood, and tempered by lightning are these barbs; and I swear to temper them triply in that hot place behind the fin, where the white whale most feels his accursed life!
This heroic spirit of daring and endurance, in which all public and private differences were sunk throughout the whole fleet, is Lord Nelson's great legacy, triply sealed by the victorious impress of the Nile, Copenhagen, and Trafalgar.
The zeal of the religious fanatic whose altar has been desecrated was triply enhanced by the rage of a woman scorned.
His countenance thus triply hooped, as it were, with tattooing, always reminded me of those unhappy wretches whom I have sometimes observed gazing out sentimentally from behind the grated bars of a prison window; whilst the entire body of my savage valet, covered all over with representations of birds and fishes, and a variety of most unaccountable-looking creatures, suggested to me the idea of a pictorial museum of natural history, or an illustrated copy of 'Goldsmith's Animated Nature.
To be a cold war capitalist conservative, as both Buckley's and Podhoretz's magazines ultimately became, moreover, is triply contradictory.
Thus, the spectators are doubly, indeed triply, called upon to surmise what has really happened and how it should be judged, as well as what might possibly follow thereafter.
Many are triply periodic, or capable of extending infinitely in three directions.
In addition, his kid sister gets hit by a vehicle, the entire heretofore high-flying family's fortunes fall drastically, and Angelo, Daniel's character, is now having to work triply hard to cope with all of these cruel tweaks and jabs, courtesy of the fickle finger of dastardly fate
Yes, it's hard work having three but they are triply worth the effort.
When experienced in triplicate, scenes depicting the aggressive breakdown of rigid class barriers and the homoerotic allure of sadomasochistic sex are triply powerful.
On the other hand it should be possible to find a triply equal equation using larger numbers.