A cam or projection in a mechanism designed to strike another part at regular intervals.

[Middle English tripet, piece of wood used in a game, from trippen, to trip; see trip.]


(Mechanical Engineering) any mechanism that strikes or is struck at regular intervals, as by a cam
[C15 (in the sense: a piece of wood used in a game): from trippen to trip]


(ˈtrɪp ɪt)

a projection, cam, or the like, for striking some other part at regular intervals.
[1300–50; Middle English trypet. See trip, -et]
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26 April 2016 - UK-based student housing investor Empiric Student Property plc (LSE: ESP) has acquired the freehold of a site on Trippet Lane, Sheffield, with planning permission for a 63 bed student accommodation development, at a cost of GBP 750,000 (USD 1.
Standing, left to right are: Privates Lemage, Loftus, Prouse, Markley, Trippet, Hooper, Power, Higgins, Ward, unidentified, Hawkes, Wardrop, Hewitt, Hackleton, Cottle, Pepper, Robertson, Fuller, Cottenham, Remnant.
Law enforcement calls Child Protective Services, they seize the children, then they investigate if it's a valid seizure--that's backwards," adds Pebbles Trippet, a prominent activist now in her 80s, who arrived in the region in the 70s as part of the sweeping back-to-the-land movement.
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A company spokesman, Ty Trippet, however, acknowledged that the blockage of the Bloomberg websites and its magazine Business Week came in response to an article published about the fortunes of Vice President Jinping 's extended family.
Eventually a bus came along and Paul Trippet walked into the middles of the road and stopped it.
Given that paid celebrity endorsement may not be that effective (Mowen & Brown, 1981; Trippet al.
But a variety of physical activities and athletic sports such as cockfighting, fighting, flinging the "geavelick" (a long pole like a javelin), football, foot racing, handball, horse racing, hunting, leaping, quoits, shooting, throwing the stone, trippet and wrestling are also mentioned.
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