A cam or projection in a mechanism designed to strike another part at regular intervals.

[Middle English tripet, piece of wood used in a game, from trippen, to trip; see trip.]


(Mechanical Engineering) any mechanism that strikes or is struck at regular intervals, as by a cam
[C15 (in the sense: a piece of wood used in a game): from trippen to trip]


(ˈtrɪp ɪt)

a projection, cam, or the like, for striking some other part at regular intervals.
[1300–50; Middle English trypet. See trip, -et]
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Trippet (42) the Court held that Proposition 215 does not exempt a seriously ill patient and his primary caregiver from California's Health and Safety Code section 11360, which prohibits the transportation of marijuana.
To incorporate in a formal setting committee representatives from retail, wholesale and manufacturing highlights the fact that this is something we need to work jointly on to improve," says Bruce Trippet, operations manager for Supervalu, Eden Prairie, Minn.
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