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 (trī-kwē′trəm, -kwĕt′rəm)
n. pl. tri·que·tra (-kwē′trə, -kwĕt′rə)
A bone of the wrist in the proximal row of carpal bones.

[Latin, neuter of triquetrus, three-cornered; see triquetrous.]

tri·que′tral (-trəl) adj.
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1. (Anatomy) anatomy a wrist bone. Also called: triquetral bone
2. (Astronomy) an ancient astronomical instrument used to determine the altitude of heavenly bodies
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Noting this, the consulting surgeon ordered an X-ray which revealed that the patient had a missed perilunate dislocation with a fracture of the triquetrum and a comminuted impaction fracture of the scaphoid facet (Figure 1).
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(12) Because of the extension force from the triquetrum transmitted through the lunotriquetral ligament, the lunate extends the proximal pole through the scapholunate ligament and the distal pole fexes producing a "humpback deformity." Volar flexion of the scaphoid and dorsiflexion of the lunate can result in dorsal intercalated segmental instability (DISI) deformity.
The MH extended from the ulnar styloid to the dorsal edge of the triquetrum, hamate, and the base of the fifth metacarpal.
Focus of the study was the following eight wrist bones: capitate, scaphoid, lunate, hamate, pisiform, trapezoid, triquetrum, and trapezium.
For itch induction, two surface electrodes were attached to the center of the lateral side of the wrist, a disk electrode (0 1cm, VCM Medical, The Netherlands) 1.5 cm proximal to the triquetrum, and a reference electrode (0 2 cm, VCM Medical, the Netherlands) 2cm proximal [37, 38, 42].
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The lunate was identified from the proximal aspect between the scaphoid laterally and the triquetrum medially and incisions made to free it.
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