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 (trī′sĕkt′, trī-sĕkt′)
tr.v. tri·sect·ed, tri·sect·ing, tri·sects
To divide into three equal parts.

tri′sec′tion (trī′sĕk′shən, trī-sĕk′-) n.
tri′sec′tor (trī′sĕk′tər, trī-sĕk′-) n.


nDreiteilung f; (of angle)Einteilung fin drei gleiche Teile
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However, compost samples were collected in 20 L bucket from vertical trisection of compost pile with 1 to 1.
Expression Of Interest for Heritage Enhancement And Theme Development Of Road From Dav Trisection To Baghuavir Mandir Via Kamlakar Choubey Adarsh Inter College To Bharat Milap Colony Trisection To K67/844.
A trisection also spurs the surviving organoids to grow to reach sizes similar to uncut organoids.
Therefore, in case trisection point loading method is applied to simply supported beam, the tensile rupture load of sheet is as in the following equation:
In order to maximize the network achievable average sum-rate, we apply to a simple trisection algorithm to search the optimal spectrum sensing time, and then propose an alternating optimization (AO) algorithm to solve the power allocation optimization problem for the FD-SSU-MIMO cognitive radio network.
Euclid could have found it with his own theorems, but he didn't, probably because trisections with a ruler and compass were proved impossible; so nobody explored trisection problems.
His world at this juncture is a trisection of baseball, science and flight.
Standard Chartered has reached a $300 million civil monetory penalty settlement with the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) regarding deficiencies in the anti-money laundering trisection system at its New York branch.
Beside to the reduction in blood loss and operative time, one of the main advantages in the use of harmonic scalpel during liver surgery, seems the quality of the trisection, during wedge or non anatomical resections, where the use of crush-clamping technique could lead to accidental intra-operative tumour exposure.
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