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 (trī′sĕkt′, trī-sĕkt′)
tr.v. tri·sect·ed, tri·sect·ing, tri·sects
To divide into three equal parts.

tri′sec′tion (trī′sĕk′shən, trī-sĕk′-) n.
tri′sec′tor (trī′sĕk′tər, trī-sĕk′-) n.
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nDreiteilung f; (of angle)Einteilung fin drei gleiche Teile
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These moments may be allusions to a third ancient and famously unsolved problem: the trisection of the angle, which would also require an infinite number of Euclidean constructions.
This could lead to further bloodshed and destabilization of Afghanistan and may result into a civil war causing trisection of Afghanistan.
This test was conducted using a bending tester (Dongah Testing Machine Co., Seoul, Korea; capacity, 50 ton force [tonf]) for full-scale materials to implement a trisection point, third-point bending test.
Li, "Cascaded trisection substrate-integrated waveguide filter with high selectivity," IEEE Electronics Letters, vol.
Caption: Figure 3: Schematic diagram of trisection along the direction vertical to the bedding plane of coal.
The distribution beam applies the load to the two points at the point of trisection of the top of the beam.
Hence, trisection intervals are preferred in triad point matching as illustrated in Figure 6, which means the matched triad points could be expressed with a triple as follows:
Z1 and Z2 were located 670 mm from the bottom of the slope and located at the point of trisection of the model in the Y direction.
In the second method, trisection of rectum is done just anterior to fistula the defective rectal part is excised followed by suturing of last rectal part with the skin margins of opening carved already at possible anal site.
However, compost samples were collected in 20 L bucket from vertical trisection of compost pile with 1 to 1.8 m of height.