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 (trī-skĕl′ē-ən, trĭ-) also tri·skele (trī′skēl′, trĭs′kēl′)
n. pl. tri·skel·i·a (-skĕl′ē-ə) also tri·skeles
A figure consisting of three curved lines or branches, or three stylized human arms or legs, radiating from a common center.

[New Latin, from Greek triskelēs, three-legged : tri-, tri- + skelos, leg.]
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Noun1.triskele - a figure consisting of three stylized human arms or legs (or three bent lines) radiating from a center
pattern, design, figure - a decorative or artistic work; "the coach had a design on the doors"
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Annwyn Avalon is a witch, priestess, and the founder of Triskele Rose, an Avalonian witchcraft tradition.
This item stumped readers and our experts, but we can tell you the motif is a triskele, a triple spiral design dating back to the neolithic age.
In this exhibit of works, which opened on March 3, the woman is seen through the lens of the ancient symbol, the triskele, and is depicted in three phases: the maiden, the mother and the sage.
Triskele Therapy, 1155 N.State St, Suite#305, Bellingham, 604103631
She is a founder member of the author's collective Triskele Books, and regular contributor to Words with Jam Magazine.
Severian pities, revives, and cares for a seemingly dead dog, whom he gives the Greek name Triskele, for his three legs.
Candles were lit in the shape of a triskele - a Celtic triple spiral - to mark Karen's Irish roots.
Candles were lit in the shape of a Celtic triple spiral - a triskele - in recognition of her Irish roots.
Finding her work was too much of a niche, Gillian formed a collective called Triskele Books with two other writers in 2011 and began self-publishing.
Les fils d'Erin et le canal Beauharnois (Valleyfield: Triskele 2010)
Her group Triskele, from Sheffield, perform set dances but she adds: "There's always new things you can do with it, and everyone has an input."