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 (trī-skĕl′ē-ən, trĭ-) also tri·skele (trī′skēl′, trĭs′kēl′)
n. pl. tri·skel·i·a (-skĕl′ē-ə) also tri·skeles
A figure consisting of three curved lines or branches, or three stylized human arms or legs, radiating from a common center.

[New Latin, from Greek triskelēs, three-legged : tri-, tri- + skelos, leg.]


(trɪˈskɛlɪˌɒn; -ən) or


n, pl triskelia (trɪˈskɛlɪə) or triskeles
(Art Terms) a symbol consisting of three bent limbs or lines radiating from a centre
[C19: from Greek triskelēs three-legged, from tri- + skelos leg]


(trɪˈskɛl iˌɒn, -ən, traɪ-)

also tris•kele

(ˈtrɪs kil, ˈtraɪ skil)

n., pl. tris•kel•i•a (trɪˈskɛl i ə, traɪ-) also tris•keles.
a symbolic figure consisting of three legs, arms, or branches radiating from a common center.
[1855–60; < Greek triskel(ḗs) three-legged (tri- tri- + -skelēs, adj. derivative of skélos leg) + -ion n. suffix]
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Noun1.triskelion - a figure consisting of three stylized human arms or legs (or three bent lines) radiating from a center
pattern, design, figure - a decorative or artistic work; "the coach had a design on the doors"
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For us Filipinos, especially those who have resided in Bacolod, it is a very important event," explained Mahalina Penaflor, 39, secretary of Tau Gamma Sigma Sorority of Triskelion International -- Kingdom of Bahrain Chapter.
A new deleted scene shows Peter and his friends seeing the Triskelion, the building that was destroyed in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
414 TNO 1819 Triskelion BV 1817 Unither Pharmaceuticals 2515 University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals 2626 UPM Pharmaceuticals 1043 Ursatec Verpackung GmbH 1049 USP 1123 V&P Scientific, Inc.
Ashworth, who received a $500 savings bond, said the triskelion symbolizes continual progress in the development of safe, rapid, and economical transportation, with the three branches of the triskelion reflecting ground, air, and water transportation.
RIYADH: The Triskelion International-Central Region Council launched the 9th Lions Cup Women's Open Volleyball tournament last Friday at the Kingdom Hospital Quadrangle.
A student who asked not to be identified said Bualan was a neophyte of Triskelion Fraternity in Kabacan.
In fact the Triskelion is an ancient symbol used by many cultures, including Oriental variants with Yin-Yang style dots or eyes.
The 3rd Billiard for a Cause organised by Tau Gamma Phi, Tau Gamma Sigma and United Triskelion of Qatar recently received overwhelming support from the pool enthusiasts in the community.
Thanks also to the medics from the Triskelion Society and Awali Hospital, who thankfully were only needed on a few occasions.
Some of the sect have this protective symbol, along with the three-legged Triskelion (often associated with the Manx flag) tattooed on their arms as a mark of allegiance.
I think having a well-rounded education has made me a more interesting artist," says Konner, who now performs her own choreography at venues such as The Berkshire Fringe Festival, Triskelion Arts and Judson Church.
Facing criminal complaint for violation of Republic Act 8049, the Anti-Hazing Law, are Cody Errol Morales, who is the Lord Grand Triskelion of the Tau Gamma Phi; Daniel Paul Martin "Pope" Bautista, secretary of the fraternity group; Esmerson Nathaniel "Emeng" Calupas, master initiator of the fraternity; Kurt Michael Almazan, Luis Solomon Arevalo, Carl Francis Loresca, Hans Killian Tatlonghari, Eleazar Pablico III, John Kevin Navoa, Vic Angelo Dy, Mark Andrew Ramos, Steven Jorge PeAaAaAeA~an Mike CastaAaAaAeA~eda, and Justin Francis Reye