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 (trī-sō′mē, trī′sō′-)
n. pl. tri·so·mies
The condition of having three copies of a given chromosome in each somatic cell rather than the normal number of two.

[tri- + -som(e) + -y.]

tri′some′ n.
tri·so′mic adj.


a. trisómico-a, caracterizado por trisomía.
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Genetic control of Endosperm Balance Number (EBN) in the Solanaceae based on trisomic and mutation analysis.
Disomic placentas, trisomic babies: Reverse mosiacism and implications for noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT).
Research with trisomic mouse models of Down syndrome has begun to elucidate how Down syndrome affects brain development.
Discordant results between fetal karyotyping and non-invasive prenatal testing by maternal plasma sequencing in a case of uniparental disomy 21 due to trisomic rescue.
Since a trisomic fetus has 50% more genetic material originating from the extra chromosome-of-interest, this increases the proportion of DNA from that chromosome observed in the cfDNA.
Trisomy 7 or trisomy 3 has a higher cutoff because signal splitting can lead to false-positive trisomic signals being observed at low numbers even in normal specimens.
In the present case, a trivalent configuration in metaphase I of meiosis could have resulted in a monosomic or trisomic condition.
Mice trisomic for fragments of chromosome 16 corresponding to 132 genes on HSA21, in one case, and to 85 genes, in another case, are available (Davisson et al.
The scientists found that inhibition of neurotransmitter GABA in trisomic mice can improve cognition and this could eventually be used in children.
Chromosomal abnormalities accounted for more than half of 1,103 miscarriages karyotyped in a recent study, and the majority of abnormalities in women aged over 40 years were trisomic.
Trisomic oocytes and a less efficient uterus have been identified as independent risks for older women (21).
If a trisomic individual is conceived, and if the trisomy is viable, the child may be born with a disorder such as Down's syndrome.