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Sorrowful; gloomy.

[Middle English : triste, sad; see triste + -ful, -ful.]

trist′ful·ly adv.
trist′ful·ness n.


(ˈtrɪst fəl)

full of sadness; sorrowful.
[1485–95; obsolete trist sad, gloomy (< Old French triste < Latin tristis) + -ful]
trist′ful•ly, adv.


- Means "full of melancholy or sadness."
See also related terms for melancholy.
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It seems the international community is extremely indurate and apathetic when it comes to doing justice with the tristful chapter of Palestine, whereas Israel's benefactors have marvelously succeeded in watering down the impact of the blood-soaked occupied territory.
What appear to be unfair and malicious onslaughts on Pakistan's Lead Counsel (for allegedly conceding jurisdiction, failing to make full arguments all wrong) are tristful, untenable and unacceptable.
I'd confide my grief to you, point by point, sigh by sigh If I should ever see you, face to face, eye to eye Searching to see you, I wander like the wind From lane to lane, door to door, from house to house, quarter to quarter Your love, is woven through my soul by this tristful heart Shred by shred, thread by thread, yarn by yarn, woofs by woofs No one other than you found "Tahirih", searching her heart Page by page and piece by piece, bit by bit and shred by shred (6) Qurrat'ul-'Ayn of Qazvin is probably the most unordinary female poet of Persia.