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tr.v. trit·u·rat·ed, trit·u·rat·ing, trit·u·rates
To rub, crush, grind, or pound into fine particles or a powder; pulverize.
n. (-ər-ĭt)
A triturated substance, especially a powdered drug.

[Late Latin trītūrāre, trītūrāt-, to thresh, from Latin trītūra, a threshing, from trītus, past participle of terere, to thresh; see terə- in Indo-European roots.]

trit′u·ra·ble adj.
trit′u·ra′tor n.
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En 2T, los arboles en los que se elaboro un unico producto (Volumen medio: 0,35 [m.sup.3]) generaron 68% de material triturable y 32% de trozas aserrables de 3,65 m de longitud, con alto valor industrial.