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1. The act or process of triturating.
2. The composing of a dental amalgam by mortar and pestle.


1. the act of triturating or the state of being triturated
2. (Pharmacology) pharmacol a mixture of one or more finely ground powdered drugs


(ˌtrɪtʃ əˈreɪ ʃən)

1. the act of triturating.
2. the state of being triturated.
a. a mixture of a medicinal substance with lactose, triturated to an impalpable powder.
b. any triturated substance.


[ˌtrɪtʃəˈreɪʃən] Ntrituración f
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There was no sign of disease, but the edges were white and worn looking, as if by some trituration. It at once occurred to me that that this wound, or whatever it was, might be the means of that manifest loss of blood.
Dentist job can be optimized by using high-quality, cost-effective dental amalgamators amongst all the dental equipment as they provide a fast and formed mix of dental amalgam when compared to traditional hand trituration techniques.
this exploitation includes the manual felling, the skidding by cable of timber and wood industry and trituration (for the boiler houses managed by bibracte or for sale) and shaping.
[53.] Shasavarani S., Godefroid R.J., Harrison B.R.: Evaluation of Occupational Exposure to Tablet Trituration Dust.
The following aspects were considered: trituration: alternating bilateral, simultaneous bilateral, chronic unilateral (95% of the time on the same side of the oral cavity), masticatory preference unilateral (66% of the same side), or previous; and total time for food consumption.
After enzymatic disintegration, the cell suspension was pipetted up and down using Pasteur pipets with soft-headed tips that provide mechanic disintegration called trituration.
Les orateurs qui se sont succede ont tour a tour denonce le blocage, depuis plus d'une annee, du projet d'investissement dans une usine de trituration d'oleagineux du magnat de l'agroalimentaire, Isssad Rebrab, par la direction generale de l'Entreprise portuaire de Bejaia, qui signifie une perte de plus d'un millier d'emplois pour la region.
Pour 2018-2019, la trituration du soja devrait atteindre 604 000 tonnes.
viburnoides and P rigida were collected in Lavras, Minas Gerais, Brazil (21[degrees]14'43"S 44[degrees]59'59"W), oven-dried at 40[degrees]C for 48 hours and subjected to trituration on a Wiley-type laboratory mill.
The obtained marrow pellet was separated by trituration, and the cell suspensions obtained from all the bones were combined by centrifugation.
The analysis was focused on the aggregate production for the concrete manufacture: fine and coarse aggregate, coming from crushed virgin limestone, and recycled coarse aggregate, obtained from the trituration and classification of concrete debris.