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Disproportionate or unreasonable celebration of the perceived successes and virtues of a given group, religion, or ideology relative to those of others.

tri·umph′al·ist n.


excessive celebration of the defeat of one's enemies or opponents
triˈumphalist adj


(traɪˈʌm fəˌlɪz əm)

1. triumphant spirit or character.
2. a proud attitude or belief that one's church, political party, etc., is better or truer than all others.


[traɪˈʌmfəlɪzəm] Ntriunfalismo m
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It also concludes that international relations is an exceedingly complex discipline and that the triumphalists who attribute the end of the Cold War to the actions of Pres.
The Soviet military was not as responsive to SDI and Reagan's military buildup as the triumphalists around him argued.
It goes on: "It portrays Israeli parents as inhuman triumphalists who care little about anything except their children's feelings, and who teach them that Arabs are sub-human and must be hated.
His latest book extends that theme by delivering a convincing rebuttal to what he calls the "democratic triumphalists.
These case studies trace the details of governmental decision making and the military operations of each conflict, showing that the factors identified by the triumphalists were not the key drivers of battlefield outcomes.
ENGLAND know they cannot afford to be triumphalists as they take part in the New Year celebrations.
The triumphalists snickered at Europeans who tried to maintain some semblance of a universal welfare state; Europe would pay for its sins with slower growth.
At home, the triumphalists mounted a retrospective assault on liberals, not to mention radicals, for having been inconstant Cold Warriors or blame-America-firsters.
Some early cases suggested judicial skepticism, but by last summer the ADA triumphalists saw the tide beginning to turn: A New York woman who had flunked the bar exam five times won a federal court order that she be given double time and other accommodations, while in another case learning-disabled students gained a partial court success against resistant officials at Boston University, enough to let their lawyers claim victory.
We also risk consigning our brothers and sisters to the manipulations of fascists, ultranationalists or triumphalists who successfully speak to that part of the simple soul which is dissatisfied with mass culture and with the lack of uniqueness and dignified meaning.
In his final chapter, Luckin analyzes the emergence of both pro- and anti-nuclear power groups after the Second World War, characterizing them as the direct ideological descendants of the triumphalists and arcadians of the interwar years.
Electric power would emancipate women, liberate and uplift the working class, and revive rural Britain, the triumphalists proclaimed.