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Being three in one. Used especially of the Christian Trinity.
A trinity.

[tri- + Latin ūnus, one; see oi-no- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Theology) constituting three in one, esp the three persons in one God of the Trinity
1. a group of three
2. (Theology) (often capital) another word for Trinity
[C17: tri- + -une, from Latin ūnus one]
triˈunity n
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(ˈtraɪ yun)

1. three in one; constituting a trinity in unity, as the Godhead.
2. (cap.) the Trinity.
[1595–1605; tri- + -une < Latin ūnus one]
tri•u′ni•ty, n., pl. -ties.
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 a group of three things united, 1635.
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Adj.1.triune - being three in onetriune - being three in one; used especially of the Christian Trinity; "a triune God"
multiple - having or involving or consisting of more than one part or entity or individual; "multiple birth"; "multiple ownership"; "made multiple copies of the speech"; "his multiple achievements in public life"; "her multiple personalities"; "a pineapple is a multiple fruit"
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A group of three individuals:
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[ˈtraɪjuːn] ADJtrino
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adj (Rel) → dreieinig
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This triune structure, as much as anything else, imparts power to the tail.
We may also note that Muslims would not want Islam to move its practitioners toward the triune divinity revealed by the Son of God.
We can join with Bruce Cockburn as he sings to the Triune God: "But I know you're with me / Whatever I go through / Somebody touched me /I know it was you" (Somebody Touched Me, 19 90, Nothing but a Burning Light).
He pays particular attention to how the Sumerian religious system influenced Judeo-Christian scripture and tradition, locating events such as the Fall and concepts such as a triune God as Sumerian long before they became Semitic.
Collins' discussion of the social and psychological implications of the concept of per-sonhood as based on the triune relations between the divine persons in Karl Rahner, Karl Barth, and Zizioulas is helpful.
Ayres, well known for his writings on Augustine's works on the Trinity, presents in this challenging volume a careful and detailed account of the development of Augustine's thought on the Trinity from his first writings at Cassiciacum through the gradual development of his understanding of the triune God up to the very different and highly technical articulation of the mystery of the Trinity that he came to in his great work, De trinitate.
As Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople says in his introduction to the volume: "We congratulate you for this present most valuable work, [and] we pray fervently that the Triune God ...
killed hundreds of thousands of men, women, and even children, in the name of Yahweh; Since the Catholic Church is, in a sense, a continuation of the Jewish Church, with our new High Priest Jesus in heaven, and His High Priest on earth, the Pope, why couldn't the Inquisition, at the appropriate time, punish evil-doers with death in the name of the Triune God?
of Chichester, England) explains the Christian doctrine of the Triune God, established at Nicea in 381 AD.
The triune God, in whose image we are made, calls us into relationships.
To push the analogy further, human beings in their infinite wisdom decided to limit their conversation to themselves, to create a community which excluded the triune God, to delete God as friend.