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Being three in one. Used especially of the Christian Trinity.
A trinity.

[tri- + Latin ūnus, one; see oi-no- in Indo-European roots.]


(Theology) constituting three in one, esp the three persons in one God of the Trinity
1. a group of three
2. (Theology) (often capital) another word for Trinity
[C17: tri- + -une, from Latin ūnus one]
triˈunity n


(ˈtraɪ yun)

1. three in one; constituting a trinity in unity, as the Godhead.
2. (cap.) the Trinity.
[1595–1605; tri- + -une < Latin ūnus one]
tri•u′ni•ty, n., pl. -ties.


 a group of three things united, 1635.
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Adj.1.triune - being three in onetriune - being three in one; used especially of the Christian Trinity; "a triune God"
multiple - having or involving or consisting of more than one part or entity or individual; "multiple birth"; "multiple ownership"; "made multiple copies of the speech"; "his multiple achievements in public life"; "her multiple personalities"; "a pineapple is a multiple fruit"


A group of three individuals:


[ˈtraɪjuːn] ADJtrino


adj (Rel) → dreieinig
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This triune structure, as much as anything else, imparts power to the tail.
In a statement issued and signed by the Press Secretary, FCT Permanent Secretary's office, Tony Odey, a copy of which was made available to Sunday Triune, on Saturday in Abuja, the permanent secretary said the figure showed that January allocation was higher than previous month by over N100 million and the highest so far since 2015, following the sudden slump in oil price in the international market.
The center is housed in a specialty semitrailer manufactured by Triune Specialty Trailers in Madison Heights, Michigan.
Their topics include the order and movement of eternity: Karl Barth on the eternity of God and creaturely time, the resonating body in triune eternity, towards a doctrine of resurrection, Eucharist and immortality: Reformed reflections on the eschatological dimension of the sacrament, and technological immortalization and original mortality: Karl Barth on the celebration of finitude.
In Search of the Triune God: The Christian Paths of East and West.
It presupposes that ecumenism can be understood as concerning the love of the triune God and the way in which denominations embody love in ecclesial and ecumenical structures, and that this particular kind of ecumenism changed the mind and heart of the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) in South Africa, paving the way for deeper ecumenical engagement.
However, this identification of the Triune God as the Creator and the corresponding implications of this identification are frequently overlooked or obscured in debates surrounding creation and the relationship between faith and science as they play out at a more popular level.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 5, 2015-Semtech Acquires Wireless Charging Specialist Triune for USD 45m
Karkkainen views understanding the Trinity as enmeshed with the task of "discernment of the unfolding of the economy of salvation," that is, the creating, providing, saving, and conserving work of the triune God on the way to the eschatological communion of all God's people (180).
Professor Griffiths imagines heaven as an endless, repetitively static, communal, and enfleshed adoration of the triune God in which angels, nonhuman animals, and inanimate objects each find a place.
Grenz's writings on a Triune God receive focus in each chapter, from his attention to Jesus as the imago Dei to the relation of Trinitarianism to ethics.