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A small, circular medicinal lozenge; a pastille.

[Back-formation from Middle English trocis, troches (taken as pl.), from Old French trocisse, from Late Latin trochiscus, from Greek trokhiskos, diminutive of trokhos, wheel, from trekhein, to run.]


(Pharmacology) med another name for lozenge1
[C16: from French trochisque, from Late Latin trochiscus, from Greek trokhiskos little wheel, from trokhos wheel]


(ˈtroʊ ki)

n., pl. -ches.
a small tablet or lozenge, usu. a circular one, made of medicinal substance worked into a paste with sugar and mucilage or the like and dried.
[1590–1600; back formation from troches, earlier tro(s)chies, late Middle English trocis < Middle French trocisse < Latin trochiscus < Greek trochískos, diminutive of trochós wheel]
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Noun1.troche - a medicated lozenge used to soothe the throattroche - a medicated lozenge used to soothe the throat
lozenge - a small aromatic or medicated candy


n pastilla para chupar
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