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A small, circular medicinal lozenge; a pastille.

[Back-formation from Middle English trocis, troches (taken as pl.), from Old French trocisse, from Late Latin trochiscus, from Greek trokhiskos, diminutive of trokhos, wheel, from trekhein, to run.]


(Pharmacology) med another name for lozenge1
[C16: from French trochisque, from Late Latin trochiscus, from Greek trokhiskos little wheel, from trokhos wheel]


(ˈtroʊ ki)

n., pl. -ches.
a small tablet or lozenge, usu. a circular one, made of medicinal substance worked into a paste with sugar and mucilage or the like and dried.
[1590–1600; back formation from troches, earlier tro(s)chies, late Middle English trocis < Middle French trocisse < Latin trochiscus < Greek trochískos, diminutive of trochós wheel]
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Noun1.troche - a medicated lozenge used to soothe the throattroche - a medicated lozenge used to soothe the throat
lozenge - a small aromatic or medicated candy


n pastilla para chupar
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ENPNewswire-August 30, 2019--Taiho Pharmaceutical Releases Second Product under the Pitas Brand Pitas Cough Troche for Coughs and Phlegm, a Sticker-type Troche Helpful in Business Meetings
The author of the report, Carlos Troche, first shared his impressions of the trip to Azerbaijan.
The human airway is protected by various defense mechanisms that manifest as a continuum of behaviors, including cough (corrective mechanism) and swallow (preventive mechanism) (Pitts et al., 2013; Troche, Brandimore, Godoy, & Hegland, 2014).
A justificativa deste trabalho esta centrada na importancia da mastigacao e da degluticao para qualidade e manutencao da vida dos pacientes com DP, considerando que, de acordo com os autores Troche (2008) [3], cerca de 80% dos sujeitos com DP sofrem com disfagia, broncoaspiracoes, decorrentes, provavelmente, de alteracoes mastigatorias e somadas as alteracoes musculares decorrentes da DP [5-7].
Rose Troche, director and co-executive producer of The L Word (she also directed episodes of Law and Order and Ugly Betty) says that "where you put the camera or how you look at someone" are choices made by the director, and it is at this level that an episode can be 'queered.'
Alfredo Troche, manager of the Burger King, said the papal entourage approached the restaurant and "asked for help because this was an appropriate place and we had closed" to customers.
Jack Charlton in a heading duel with Troche of Uraguay |opening match of the World Cup
Poison [Todd Haynes, 1991], Go Fish [Rose Troche, 1994], The Living End [Gregg Araki, 1992], Swoon [Tom Kalin, 1992]--they've all left lasting impressions.
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