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 (trō′koid′, trŏk′oid′)
A curve traced by a point on or connected with a circle as the circle rolls along a fixed straight line.
adj. also tro·choi·dal (trō-koid′l, trŏk-oid′l)
1. Capable of or exhibiting rotation about a central axis.
2. Permitting rotation, as a pulley or pivot.

[Greek trokhoeidēs, wheellike : trokhos, wheel; see trochee + -oeidēs, -oid.]

tro·choi′dal·ly adv.
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the ability to carry out processing such as: conturing, trochoidal and helical
That is, many operations are using trochoidal milling approaches, which means that there is a constant maximum chip thickness and a short arc of contact, which results in high feed rates, minimal vibration, and long tool life.
5] introduce an idea on using circle curve to replace standard trochoidal root fillet with BEM.
7] Soichi Ibaraki, , Iwao Yamaji, Atsushi Matsubara, On the removal of critical cutting regions by trochoidal grooving, Precision Engineering, Vol.
With increasing wind speed, the shapes of the sea waves become more trochoidal, and the motions of the facets on the sea surface are no longer closed orbits.
A few isolated trochoidal (symmetrical) sharp-crested sandwaves are oriented normal to the mussel reefs (Figs 4, 5).
Modern trochoidal and plunge milling strategies, combined with rigid holders and the new milling tools on the market, let even low-end machines achieve considerable chip volume with no loss of speed or performance.
Other Mastercam X2 features include automatic toolpathing, which imports designs and automatically applies predefined machining strategies to jobs; added selection tools to streamline everyday programming; a surface extend function, which can extend both trimmed and untrimmed surface edges; and trochoidal motion in high speed tool paths, which assists machining of harder materials.
In recent years, machining strategies such as trochoidal and morph cutting have been introduced in attempts to mitigate the negative impact of tool overload.