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 (trō′ə-līt′, troi′līt′)
A nonmagnetic variety of the mineral pyrrhotite, FeS, present in almost all meteorites and having almost no ferrous iron deficiency.

[After D. Troili, 18th-century Italian scientist.]


a form of iron sulphide found in most meteorites


(ˈtroʊ əˌlaɪt, ˈtrɔɪ laɪt)

a mineral, iron sulfide, FeS, occurring in certain meteorites and in lunar rocks.
[1865–70; after Dutch. Troili, 18th-century Italian savant. See -ite1]
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9 Note: The internationally recognized standards are: Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water (VSMOW) for 18O, Vienna Pee Dee Belemnite (VPDB) for carbon, and Vienna Canon Diablo troilite (VCDT) for sulphur.
The topics include isothermal sections of the uranium-iron-antimony ternary system, the numerical analysis of time dependent effects in bulk nanocrystalline hard magnets, the high-temperature optical characterization of transition metal dichalcogenides by piezoreflectance measurements, a superhard composite containing boron nitride and silicon nitride, and a comparison of iron-cluster deformations of troilite phases with non-stoichiometry and vanadium impurity.
Instruments on the rover, including its Mossbauer spectrometer, show the rocks are stony, but also contain iron-bearing minerals present in meteorites found on Earth, such as kamacite and troilite.
He also found troilite (5) and another mineral, schreibersite, a phosphide of iron and nickel found in meteorites.