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Noun1.trolley line - a transit line using streetcars or trolley busestrolley line - a transit line using streetcars or trolley buses
streetcar, trolley, trolley car, tramcar, tram - a wheeled vehicle that runs on rails and is propelled by electricity
transit line - a line providing public transit
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Passengers in the public transport can use the combined bus and trolleybus on the route of bus lines 78, 79, 120, night line 3 and trolley line a1 "Hypermarket Billa" on "Vladimir Vazov" Blvd., at "Shell" in the direction of Cherkovna Str.
The final element to be added to the Copper Country's original rail transportation system was an interurban trolley line, connecting more than a dozen towns and cities along the Keweenaw by 1908.
trolley line that connected Moss Point and Pascagoula in the early 1900s and a restored Scout Hut built more than 80 years ago that now serves as an outdoor pavilion and meeting room.
Figure 1 shows the basic topology of the classic AC trolley line traction vehicle.
"Ken's grandfather, George LaPrad, and his brothers were motormen on the Worcester-to-Southbridge Trolley Line,'' Mr.
In 2011, the three government bodies had to cough up $867,960 to cover the costs of operating the trolley line.
Barton didn't make it her permanent home until the trolley line reached the site; she was 75 years old.
Because about 50 feet of railing from an original trolley line was found in digging up the street, the city might, in the interest of preserving history, ask the selected artist to incorporate some of it in the artwork, which is targeted for completion next fall.
The shopkeepers have complained of lost business because of lengthy construction tie-ups while a trolley line is being installed.
Clair Avenue, which includes a trolley line link to downtown Toronto as well as an enhanced pedestrian streetscape.
Chadwick & Sykes, a new engineering firm, found the means of overcoming the obstacles to build a trolley line, streets, and houses, establishing the vigorous part of the Sunset district called Parkside.
The Montgomery master plan previously included only a single-track trolley line between Bethesda and Silver Spring.