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also trol·ly  (trŏl′ē)
n. pl. trol·leys also trol·lies
1. A streetcar.
2. A device that collects electric current from an underground conductor, an overhead wire, or a third rail and transmits it to the motor of an electric vehicle.
3. A small truck or car operating on a track and used in a mine, quarry, or factory for conveying materials.
4. A wheeled carriage, cage, or basket that is suspended from and travels on an overhead track.
5. Chiefly British A light cart designed to be moved by hand.
tr. & intr.v. trol·leyed, trol·ley·ing, trol·leys also trol·lied (-lēd) or trol·ly·ing or trol·lies (-lēz)
To convey (passengers) or travel by trolley.

[Probably from troll.]


(ˈtrɒlɪd) or