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Noun1.trombone player - a musician who plays the trombonetrombone player - a musician who plays the trombone  
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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The brother of trombone player Nathaniel Cross (who also contributed to Fyah), Theon started off playing tenor horn and euphonium before moving to the tuba, and was soon holding tunes down with a London carnival band at such events as Notting Hill Carnival and Thames Festival.
Then he met a trombone player who had been convicted of robbery, others helped him learn sheet music and now, he said, he was ready to take his talent to another level.
The twisted trombone player, 41, moved to the south-east Asian country after he was released from jail in 2015 and signed up with a top orchestra.
The line-up includes guitarist Robin Campbell, sax player Brian Travers, bass player Earl Falconer, percussionist and trombone player Norman Hassan, and drummer Jimmy Brown, who were all there at the very start in December, 1978, as well as Robin's brother Duncan, who joined in 2008.
Robin's version of the band, by contrast, includes fellow originals Brian Travers on sax, bassist Earl Falconer, percussionist and trombone player Norman Hassan, and drummer Jimmy Brown, all of whom were there at the beginning in December 1978.
are inspirational and what parts are a cautionary tale." The famed soprano, former trombone player and certified Bikram yoga instructor presents plenty of experiences for the reader to ponder.
Emily, a trombone player who graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland two years ago, composed her piece, Distillation, to be performed by Ronnie MacNiven.
I began playing horn when I was ten years old, studying with the local band director, who was a trombone player. During high school I studied with an extra player in the Milwaukee Symphony.
But while Tom Pinder, a trombone player in Scottish singer Paolo Nutini's band and sousaphone player in Wales supporters' band The Barry Horns, may have a busy lifestyle, he's still got time to pursue his other passion - cheese.
He studied at Birmingham Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Music and has been a London-based trombone player for more than 20 years.
17; and Herminigildo Ranera, to collaborate with trombone player Ricson Poonin who will play F.
Lead singer Neil Hunter - who with trombone player Terry They can be seen between noon and 3pm.