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A revolving cylindrical sieve used for screening or sizing rock and ore.

[German, from Middle High German trummel, diminutive of trumme, drum, probably of imitative origin.]


(Mining & Quarrying) a revolving cylindrical sieve used to screen crushed ore
[C19: from German: a drum]


(ˈtrɒm əl)

a rotary, cylindrical or conical screen for sorting ore, coal, gravel, etc.
[1875–80, Amer.; < German Trommel drum]
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Hoffman sought out Freissle at the show to discuss the use of Polydeck media on portable trommel screens needed for mining applications in Central America during future programming.
Birmingham's planning committee were already outraged that Alphawaste, of Hockley, had been breaking rocks and rubble on an industrial waste sorting machine, known as a trommel, which had been installed without planning permission.
product line in the 21st century includes an extensive line of machines for scrap processors and other recyclers, including hammermills, ringmills, slow speed high-torque shredders, knife choppers, impactors, trommel screens, jaw crushers, horizontal shaft impactors and vertical shaft impactors.
The Powerscreen Orion 1400 trommel typically sets up in approximately 15 minutes and provides high mobility with heavy duty, low ground pressure crawler tracks.
From processing, the room inside the wire is filled by trommel oversize and jig tailings, Another room is mined, but perhaps not one adjacent to the filled one, and at a later date any of the adjacent rooms can be mined.
The dried product is conveyed to a rotating trommel for product sorting.
Flow sheets are designed to suit particular deposits but a typical design would include receiving hopper, feeder scrubber, trommel, two or three stages of jigging and centrifugal concentrator, all full interconnected with security provisions as necessary.
Alphawaste of Park Road, Hockley was told ten months ago that it could not operate a trommel, a machine for sorting crushed stone, due to dust and noise nuisance neighbours.
Pulverizers, breakers, trommel screen separators, surge hoppers and conveyors in custom designs for selective reduction and separation systems.
The ore is dumped into a trommel where it is washed by high-pressure water sprays and is screened.
A bale breaker and rotating trommel remove loose caps and dirt.