trompe loeil

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trompe l'oeil

(Fr. trɔ̃p ˈlœ yə; Eng. ˈtrɔmp ˈleɪ, ˈlɔɪ)
1. visual deception, esp. in paintings, in which objects are rendered in extremely fine detail emphasizing the illusion of tactile and spatial qualities.
2. a painting, mural, or panel of wallpaper designed to create such an effect.
[1895–1900; < French: literally, (it) fools the eye]
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The painting's green background was nearly indistinguishable in color from its enlarged surrounding frame and the wall on which it was installed, causing the room to brilliantly encompass a larger, overarching trompe loeil illusion.
Directly above the altar, on the dome ceiling, are trompe loeil paintings, surrounding a central wood carving that resembles a lotus, supposedly the base of a grand chandelier.