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A natural vitreous gray or white mineral, Na2CO3·NaHCO3·2H2O, used as a source of sodium compounds.

[Swedish, probably from Arabic dialectal ṭrōn, variant of Arabic naṭrūn, natron; see natron.]
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(Minerals) a greyish mineral that consists of hydrated sodium carbonate and occurs in salt deposits. Formula: Na2CO3NaHCO3.2H2O
[C18: from Swedish, probably from Arabic natrūn natron]
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(ˈtroʊ nə)

a grayish or yellowish mineral, hydrous sodium acid carbonate, Na3H(CO)2∙2H2O, formed by evaporation in lake beds.
[1790–1800; < Sp < dial. Arabic ṭrōn, aph. variant of naṭrūn natron]
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During the driest periods, the lake waters reached salinities sufficient to precipitate beds of nahcolite, halite, and trona. The sediment waters were also sufficiently saline to precipitate disseminated crystals of nahcolite, shortite, and dawsonite along with a host of other authigenic carbonate and silicate minerals (Milton, 1977).
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Softer, non-metallic ores, such as coal, salt, potash, trona (soda ash), and oil shale are often amenable to different methods than those described in this chapter.
Associated minerals are: (1) aegirine, albite, elpidite, epididymite, lorenzenite, quartz, shortite, sidorenkite, natroxalate, leifite, rhodochrosite, tainiolite, pyrrhotite, sphalerite, galena, thermonatrite, trona and nahpoite; (2) aegirine, K-feldspar, elpidite, labuntsovite, natrolite, apophyllite, fluorite, sphalerite, galena and molybdenite.
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