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A white or colored crystalline mineral, a variety of willemite, in which the zinc is partly replaced by manganese.

[After Gerard Troost (1776-1850), Dutch-born American geologist.]
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(Minerals) a reddish or greyish mineral that is a variety of willemite in which some of the zinc is replaced by manganese
[C19: named after Gerard Troost (died 1850), US geologist]
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Therefore, the power used during IH treatment was lowered, and heating and cooling time should increase in order to prevent the generation of the troostite ([2]) which may occur in the process.
The hardness of the HAZ in Figure 3 rises relatively fast, where the troostite has a high hardness (about 310 ~ 332 HV).
The microstructure of KMN-I is mainly acicular and lath tempered troostite, as shown in Figure 1.
The topics include performance and blending techniques of cord fibers, microstructures and mechanical properties of troostite nodular cast iron by heat treatment, the tensile strength of neat and coated woven fabrics, research on airborne blue-green laser anti-submarine technology, an autonomic indoor fire extinguishing system, preparing and characterizing chitosan-casein phosphopeptides biocomposite coating on a medical titanium alloy, key-point of construction techniques for concrete pipe-jacking tunnel, and wind environment investigation research on the site of a cross-sea cable-stayed bridge.
These crystals are characterised by a troostite structure, with individual areas of plate-shaped pearlite.
5a shows that the structure of the steel after tempering is composed of fine troostite. Despite this the structural heterogeneity is also seen in Fig.
Good crystals of "troostite" (willemite), 3 inches, from Franklin, New Jersey.
Hardness increase due to the appearance of troostite has been observed.