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tr. & intr.v. can·ti·lat·ed, can·ti·lat·ing, can·ti·lates
To chant or recite (a liturgical text) in a musical monotone.

[Latin cantilāre, cantilāt-, to sing, from cantāre, to sing; see kan- in Indo-European roots.]

can′til·la′tion n.
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1. (Judaism) the traditional notation representing the various traditional Jewish melodies to which scriptural passages are chanted
2. chanting or intonation
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Noun1.cantillation - liturgical chanting
chanting, intonation - the act of singing in a monotonous tone
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Julia felt uncomfortable--she felt herself to be de trop; and making an incoherent excuse, she had scarcely taken a seat on a sofa, before she arose, left the room, and ran up stairs again.
I suppose it is that when we are happy the mind reverts instinctively to those with whom formerly we shared our exaltations and depressions, and je t'eu ai trop dit, dans le bon temps, mon gros Prosper, and you always listened to me too imperturbably, with your pipe in your mouth, your waistcoat unbuttoned, for me not to feel that I can count upon your sympathy to-day.
"Mais vous venez trop tard," she said, rubbing her handkerchief on her hand, which the horse had made wet in taking the sugar.
You will be de trop in decidedly an uncomfortable position.
Aussi, si tu n'es pas trop bete je te prends a Paris.
"I should only be de trop," said the Captain, looking at them rather wistfully.
"If I shall not be Monsieur de Trop, I will so gladly see them all.
Pas assez sportive et trop chere pour rivaliser avec ses concurrentes, la 1000 XLCR est egalement trop eloignee de l'esprit de la marque pour seduire les passionnes de la marque.
Radio A1A Trop Jock and CEO for the Trop Rock Music Association's Radio Station Of The Year, Harry Teaford gave Randy the honor live on air on New Year's Eve.
Thrombus burden was higher in Group A, Calcification frequency was more in Group A than B; 73% vs 11% p32 in 52% of Group A and in 3% of Group B p 10 folds ULN) had more three vessel CAD involvement (39%), p=0.001 on coronary angiography as compared to patients with troponin I levels 0.06ng/ml but less than 0.78 ng/ml were designated as high Hs Trop I and placed in Group A while those with >0.78 ng/ml were labelled very high Hs trop I and labelled Group B.
She kept her promise: A year before my bat mitzvah, the cantor handed me a worn packet cataloging the trop marks.