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 (trŏf′ə-lăk′sĭs, trō′fə-)
The transfer or exchange of regurgitated liquid food between individuals of certain social insects such as ants or bees.

[troph(o)- + Greek allaxis, exchange (from allassein, to exchange, from allos, other; see al- in Indo-European roots).]


(Zoology) the exchange of regurgitated food that occurs between adults and larvae in colonies of social insects
[C19/20: from New Latin, from tropho- + Greek allaxis exchange, from allassein to change, from allos other]
ˌtrophalˈlactic adj


(ˌtrɒf əˈlæk sɪs, ˌtroʊ fə-)

n., pl. -lax•es (-ˈlæk siz)
the exchange of nutriments or other secretions between organisms, as the members of a colony of social insects.
[1915–20; troph- + Greek állaxis exchange =allak-, variant s. of allássein to change + -sis -sis]
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The decrease in number of dyed termites with the passage of time in the present study was due to the mortality of the termites, but not due the trophallactic transfer of dye.
Several studies indicate that the ant hosts are typically aggressive toward the crickets, but that the crickets mimicked the mutual grooming and trophallactic behavior of their hosts thereby getting close to them, and usually avoided attack by using their superb jumping ability (Wheeler 1900, Henderson & Akre 198G).
The interplay between dancing and trophallactic behavior in the honey bee Apis mellifera.