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The main disadvantages of dyes have been reported to be non- homogeneous colouration, variable fade-out, and unintended transfer to other individuals by cannibalism and trophallaxis (Haagsma and Rust, 1993; Thorne et al.
Baits utilize ant social behaviors of foraging, recruitment, and stomodeal trophallaxis, the mouth-to-mouth transfer of food or excretions, to direct toxicants to nest mates, and most importantly, the queen or queens of a colony.
Odour convergence and tolerance between nestmate through trophallaxis and grooming in the ant Camponotus fellah (Dalla Torre).
The bioassays in which 50 (Percent) and 25 (Percent) workers were exposed with entomopathogenic fungi resulted horizontal transmission among the unexposed workers through oral trophallaxis (mutual exchange of nutrients among colony members), allogrooming and cannibalism of dead or injured nest mates.
Other reports indicate that the crickets will mimic ant grooming behavior and attempt to partake in trophallaxis with the ants, doing so successfully in a laboratory setting (Henderson & Akre 1986; Wetterer & Hugel 2008).
The most interesting fact about termites is they feed each other through trophallaxis meaning they get their nutrition from grooming each other.