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An elongated cell that develops from a sporozoite or a merozoite of an apicomplexan parasite and that feeds and grows within the host.
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(Pathology) the form of a sporozoan protozoan in the feeding stage. In the malaria parasite this stage occurs in the human red blood cell. Compare merozoite
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(ˌtrɒf əˈzoʊ aɪt, ˌtroʊ fə-)

a protozoan in the metabolically active growth stage.
[1905–10; tropho- + -zo (on) + -ite1]
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Noun1.trophozoite - a sporozoan in the active feeding stage of its life cycletrophozoite - a sporozoan in the active feeding stage of its life cycle
sporozoan - parasitic spore-forming protozoan
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'It included E coli, trich-omonas intestinalis, trophozoite and ammonia which came from human faeces and urine which will cause serious harm to swimmers, especially the elderly, children and pregnant women.
Further more, majority of the parasite stages encountered were trophozoites (91%) and other stages were mix of both trophozoite and gametocytes.
Smears having trophozoite, schizonts and gametocytes were considered positive as per malaria diagnosis standard criteria set by World Health Organisation (WHO).13 Slides were stored in a secure slide box and were reconfirmed by microscopy expert.
At 72 h of cultivation, the trophozoite yield in CLUPS was 30% higher than in TYI-S-33.
Furthermore, another study [36] demonstrated that iron chelation interrupts the completion of the fermentation pathway of Entamoeba histolytica by removing the metal cofactor indispensable for the functional stability of alcohol dehydrogenase, thus affecting trophozoite survival.
For invasive amoebiasis and extra intestinal disease, nitroimidazoles (e.g., metronidazole) are the mainstay therapy but are only active against the trophozoite stage [1, 26].
Contamination by this parasite, which lives in the distal ileum and cecum areas in trophozoite form, occurs in cystic form through the fecal-oral route [16].
Microscopic examination showed a microcytic normochromic anemia, numerous erythrocytes with trophozoite rings, and rare banana gametocytes characteristic of P.
The variant proteins, such as RIFINs at early trophozoite stage and STEVORS at mature trophozoite stage [8], are possibly important in immune evasion [1].
Once inside the dog, the cysts open up and release a flagellate form (trophozoite) of the organism, which use their whip-like appendages to migrate to the small intestine, where they multiply.