tropical rain forest

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Noun1.tropical rain forest - a rain forest in a tropical areatropical rain forest - a rain forest in a tropical area  
rain forest, rainforest - a forest with heavy annual rainfall
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My objective in this review is to analyze the ecological and evolutionary consequences of shade tolerance within the context of tropical rain forest succession.
Economic Plant Plantations underneath the Tropical Rain Forest
The frogs were found in a remnant of the tropical rain forest. Apparently, this species inhabits conserved forest.
headquarters of Mattel, the American toy company that manufactures the famous Barbie doll, with members of the environmental group 'Green Peace' protesting against the wrapping of the Barbie doll that, allegedly, is linked to the destruction of tropical rain forests.
Tropical rain forests are dense groups of trees located in very warm regions with annual rainfall of at least 254 centimeters (100 inches).
The plant is native to the tropical rain forest of Sumatra and when it does eventually flower it will be a first for Scotland.
This time the entry is "Jungle Magic," evoking the call of the tropical rain forest. It's a mixture of creamy pistachio and vanilla ice cream, shot through with a chocolate and cocoa sauce.
The huge area drained by this river and its tributaries covers more than one third of South America and receives enough rainfall to sustain the world's largest tropical rain forest.
Los textos de esta obra son precisos, sencillos y aparecen acompanados de mucha fotografia de gran calidad realizada en su mayor parte por Juan Manuel Rengifo y Angelica Montes Arango, descollando las del primero pues su trabajo iconografico recuerda el del libro clasico "Vanishing Paradise, The Tropical Rain Forest" publicado en 1990 por Stephen Dalton y George Bernard.
The arrival of the ape marked a project to create a tropical rain forest, including live and stuffed animals and exotic plants from Newcastle University Botanic Garden.
Carmen Bredeson's BABY ANIMALS OF THE TROPICAL RAIN FOREST (0766030040, $21.26) will appeal to grades 1-3 with its very easy introduction to baby animals.

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