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 (trō′pēn′, -pĭn) also tro·pin (-pĭn)
A white, crystalline, poisonous alkaloid, C8H15NO, obtained chiefly by hydrolysis of atropine.

[From atropine.]


(ˈtrəʊpiːn; -pɪn)
(Elements & Compounds) a white crystalline poisonous hygroscopic alkaloid obtained by heating atropine or hyoscyamine with barium hydroxide. Formula: C8H15NO
[C19: shortened from atropine]
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Leaves contain chlorogenic acid, and datugenin, cuscohygrine, scopolamine and tropine, cumarins and tannins.
The animal was shifted to squeeze cage for anaesthesia and was premedicated with Atropine sulphate (a) (Tropine) @0.04mg/kg b.
This corresponds to calculated p[K.sub.b] 7.0 and 8.6 for these bases; thus, granatanone is a slightly weaker base than tropinone (both amino ketones are weaker than closely related amino alcohol, tropine (estimated p[K.sub.b] ca.
Other details of the multi-location multi-phase FDA compliant Tropine 3 clinic trials are likely to be finalised within the next few weeks.
For premedication, Atropine sulphate (Tropine (a)) @ 0.04 mg/kg b.
Algorithm: "PEAT" P acer--consider a pacer first E pinephrine A tropine T crminate
The first successful investigation of Kirkwood's quest for the de novo origin of heterocyclic systems of alkaloids from carbon-14 labelled acyclic precursors was an experiment to test whether an N[C.sub.4] chain derived from the amino acid ornithine served as the precursor of the [C.sub.4]N ring system of the alkaloid tropine. This work was designed and carried out by Edward Leete and Ian Spenser, post-doctoral fellows in Leo Marion's laboratory.