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 (trō′pə-nĭn, trŏp′ə-)
A calcium-regulated protein, composed of three subunits, that is found in skeletal and cardiac muscle and regulates contraction by interacting with tropomyosin to control the binding of myosin to actin. Blood troponin levels are a biomarker for muscle damage, as in myocardial infarction.


a protein in muscle tissue that with tropomyosin is involved in the controlling of muscle contraction


(ˈtroʊ pə nɪn, ˈtrɒp ə-)

a protein of muscle tissue that binds calcium ions and is involved in contraction.
[1965–70; tropo(myosin) (see tropo-, myosin)]
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Even a minimally elevated cardiac troponin I level at hospital admission was associated with having a large pulmonary embolism and increased in-hospital mortality.
Clinical and Angiographic Data for Unstable Angina Patients, According to Relation to Troponin Cutoff Values Cardiac Troponin I [less than or equal to] 0.
Direct comparison of high-sensitivity-cardiac troponin I vs.
To accommodate the lack of standardization in Troponin I assays, laboratories should select quality control material at a low value better suited to the 99th percentile URL of their platform.
In 14 patients (29%), myocardial damage was classified as significant based upon an admission cardiac troponin I greater than 0.
Troponin is a more cardiac-specific marker than creatine kinase MB fraction, and once troponin levels become elevated they stay high for several days.
1] Recently, elevations in the serum troponin T and troponin I levels have been used both to test for AMI and to predict adverse cardiac events.
The only high-sensitivity troponin I assay currently in clinical use (manufactured by Abbott Diagnostics) has enhanced high-sensitivity troponin I assay precision at very low concentrations, permits quantification of troponin in the majority of persons, and affords the opportunity to define a threshold to rule out MI based on clinical performance rather than analytical imprecision.
27 September 2013 - Beckman Coulter Inc, part of US Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR), said Thursday it had received 510(k) approval from the US FDA for its Access AccuTnI+3 troponin I assay for use on the UniCel DxI series of immunoassay systems.
High sensitive troponin I and troponin T assays from major manufacturers have been released for use in most of the world.
In a prospective study of 118 consecutive cases of acute pericarditis treated over 2 years, the researchers assessed cardiac troponin I levels obtained from venous blood samples within 24 hours of symptom onset.