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Noun1.troponym - a word that denotes a manner of doing something; "`march' is a troponym of `walk'"
word - a unit of language that native speakers can identify; "words are the blocks from which sentences are made"; "he hardly said ten words all morning"
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(3) Modification of the description of actions by adding an adverb, e.g., "walks cautiously," by using a troponym, e.g., "creeps," or with a phrase like "smiling in relief." The particular choice of adverb, troponym, or abstract noun will lead to a different positioning on the thought-action continuum.
As an alternative to modifying "looks" with an adverb, audio describers working in some languages, such as English, have a variety of troponyms at their disposal with which they can specify a particular manner of looking, and in so doing give more insight into characters' mental states, e.g., "gazes" and "glares." We sourced a list of troponyms of "looks" from the online lexical database (Fellbaum) to see how frequently these words occurred in descriptions A and B (see Table 1); their concordances were inspected to check that they were being used in the sense of a troponym of "looks."
(3) In addition to synonymy, antonym, hypernym, hyponym, meronym, holonym of nouns, and synonymy, antonym, hypernym, troponym, entailment of verbs, correlation between words is a useful reference in query expansion.
* Arabic Relation rules: include 23 relations types between the synsets: hypernymy, hyponymy, antonym, cause, derived, derived related from, entails, member meronym, part meronym, subset meronym, attribute between adjective and noun, participle, pertainym, see also, similar, troponym, instance holonym, subset holonym, part holonym, instance hyponym, disharmonies, class member and verb group [30].
In the fear fueled aftermath of September 11, 2001, the troponym 9/11 dictates the fear-filled religious response.
Both notions are extremely difficult to tell apart; a troponym is not the same as a taxonym.
(26) Under the FLM analysis proposed in Faber & Mairal (1999: 192), think would be a near-synonym of consider and could thus be regarded as a troponym of believe as a superordinate term in the lexical domain of cognition.
Each domain or subdomain has a superordinate term, the genus, by means of which its troponyms are directly or indirectly defined.