trot round


w>trot round

vi (esp Brit: = go quickly) → hinüberlaufen; to trot round to the grocer’szum Kaufmann laufen
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Please let me just trot round after you; I like that best."
"No, I 'm a music teacher, and trot round giving lessons all day."
"It was a big ask asking him to do three on the trot round a track this kind of size but he was up for it and at that point we had the momentum.
You would not expect police to then trot round to your spouse to blow the whistle.
Instead, Mr T loves to go out for walks on his lead and accompanies his people on their holidays, recently enjoying a trot round Brecon Beacons.
They will encourage you to make that phone call, send that email or trot round to say hello to those who can help you to achieve great things.
is means, have a trot round the block in your joggers but we won't have anything in common if you power punch five times a week.
Sometimes he goes for just a walk or trot round the yard and you can't do that with big yards, they haven't got time."
"I only had to trot round the field for the award but he said I was a natural so with the encouragement of him and his wife, Lynne, I've carried on.
"And when you're in the world again, we'll both be useful if you like, trot round, do things, compromise with the people, find a place with a bath and no bugs in Bloomsbury, and be happy there."
And, against the advice of pals, the 65-year-old legend is willing to shell out more money on flights and hotels so Mills could trot round the globe too.