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In this connection I should like to confess my surprise on finding that notwithstanding all its apparatus of analysis the story consists for the most part of physical impressions; impressions of sound and sight, railway station, streets, a trotting horse, reflections in mirrors and so on, rendered as if for their own sake and combined with a sublimated description of a desirable middle-class town-residence which somehow manages to produce a sinister effect.
Sviazhsky and Princess Varvara in a new char-a-banc with a big, raven-black trotting horse, overtook the party on horseback.
Beaufort has always kept a racing stable, and he had better breed trotting horses.
His usual discourses treated of trotting horses, wine-parties in expensive restaurants, and the merits of persons of easy virtue, with a disarming artlessness of outlook.
Go back to your trotting horses and your girls, and then you'll be sure at least of doing no harm to anybody, and hardly any to yourself.
The Standardbred & Trotting Horse Association of Great Britain and Ireland, or STAGBI as it is referred to in harness-racing circles, is the British breed society for the Standardbred horse, which is used for harnessracing throughout the world.
The name 'Canter' was chosen for its association with a 'hard and light trotting horse - a telling re.
Formally dressed and speaking in sometimes-halting English, Psy spoke for more than an hour and occasionally lapsed into signature dance moves such as grasping the reins of an imaginary trotting horse.
During the afternoon performance, a team of ten vaulters from Germany demonstrated their athletic talent to the audience by conducting a series of flips, turns and lifts on a trotting horse.
As a last-ditch measure to salvage the mare's breeding career, Turnbull put her in foal to a standardbred trotting horse using artificial insemination - the use of which is banned in thoroughbred breeding - and she is expecting a foal due to be born in the southern-hemisphere foaling season in October.
Gough owned a horse related to the famous trotting horse, Dexter.
Mel, dark red tied-back tresses not surprisingly doing an imitation of the tail of a trotting horse as she bounces on the cross trainer, yells across at me, "Can you see those blue lights out on the water?