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One that stirs up trouble or strife.

trou′ble·mak′ing n. & adj.


[ˈtrʌblˌmeɪkɪŋ] ADJalborotador, perturbador
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But, of course, China is continuing its troublemaking and bullying in the region, claiming the Philippine Rise area as a so-called Chinese second-chain islands even if there are no islands within the Rise.
His new hero was troublemaking resistance leader Roj Blake, who was falsely convicted of child abuse charges by corrupt authorities and shipped off to the worst penal colony in the galaxy to rot away for the rest of his life.
DExEU blamed Brussels troublemaking for a report in the Times that Davis had been "sidelined", with Robbins holding face-to-face meetings with the EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier.
The no-nonsense message was delivered to nuisance neighbours and parents of troublemaking teens as part of a crackdown against anti-social behaviour.
With ISIL's hopes of creating the chimerical Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) faded, it was once again proved that terrorism and the ideological, financial, political and military supporters of the troublemaking phenomenon are doomed to failure; they should be accountable for their crimes, mass killings, destructions and displacement of millions of defenseless and innocent people before world courts and moral consciences," read the statement issued on Tuesday evening.
The troublemaking rich kid is not over his old and evil ways, but Veronica is.
Are they troublemaking, envious of your happiness, or jealous of your relationship?
A TROUBLEMAKING family of emus slowed traffic near Marsden.
Especially when everyone thinks you're just like your troublemaking big sister.
This is a minor issue but reveals that the terrorists pursue troublemaking," he said.
The comic strips delighted children with their tales of troublemaking and rebellion and the characters are Beano staples to this day.
But the President, who often shares stories of his past as a troublemaking student who took seven years to finish high school, joked that his mother would have been incredulous at the turn of events.