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One that stirs up trouble or strife.

trou′ble·mak′ing n. & adj.
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[ˈtrʌblˌmeɪkɪŋ] ADJalborotador, perturbador
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"No one should have to tolerate their neighbourhood being turned into a hot spot for troublemaking, excessive noise and violence.
Boden Boo has become a troublemaking hotspot over the summer.
He's not immune to temptation and troublemaking, however -- aspects of his character that create a flawed and multidimensional person.
You're tired of having to change your plans to rescue a troublemaking relative.
The covert troublemaking bid to spark violence with Facebook, Twitter and Reddit stories included bogus claims that the DUP wanted a united Ireland and allegations that a republican group had BY CHRIS HUGHES links to Isis.
He expected the country to vote "Remain" and so 20 years or more of the right-wing troublemaking, because they so much wanted to leave, would be sorted - brilliant!
Kenyans cannot be worrying about how we'll repay the China loan and still have time for troublemaking MCAs who were sleeping in class when they should have been learning what the law says on national symbols and emblems.
Health minister seeks lists of 'troublemaking' young doctors on strike
Among these were union activists and others whose justifiable dissent was characterised as troublemaking by the shipping companies."
"I'm really eager and excited to get other people's ideas out there because I'm a little bit, like, spent on self for a minute," Lyonne said.C At a photo studio in Tribeca, posing for the camera in a fearsome pantsuit not unlike the one Nadia wears, Lyonne, 39, talked about adding hyphens to her job description and ageing out of troublemaking.
Mumbai: After over four days of out-of- bounds for customers due to technical glitches, which created an online furore against the bank, the largest private sector lender HDFC Bank Monday pulled down its troublemaking new mobile banking app.