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1. A flat-bladed hand tool for leveling, spreading, or shaping substances such as concrete or mortar.
2. A small implement with a pointed, scoop-shaped blade used for digging, as in setting plants.
tr.v. trow·eled, trow·el·ing, trow·els or trow·elled or trow·el·ling
To spread, smooth, form, or scoop with a trowel.

[Middle English trowell, from Old French truele, from Late Latin truella, diminutive of Latin trua, ladle.]

trow′el·er, trow′el·ler n.
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This type of exterior wall treatment, whether sprayed or troweled on, results in a highly textured, very architecturally attractive finish.
This jointless flooring system consists of a troweled epoxy basecoat with a durable multicolor quartz aggregate topcoat.