troy unit

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Noun1.troy unit - any of the unit of the troy system of weights
weight unit, weight - a unit used to measure weight; "he placed two weights in the scale pan"
troy, troy weight - a system of weights used for precious metals and gemstones; based on a 12-ounce pound and an ounce of 480 grains
grain - 1/60 dram; equals an avoirdupois grain or 64.799 milligrams
pennyweight - a unit of apothecary weight equal to 24 grains
apothecaries' ounce, ounce, troy ounce - a unit of apothecary weight equal to 480 grains or one twelfth of a pound
apothecaries' pound, troy pound - an apothecary weight equal to 12 ounces or 373.242 grams
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