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CHRIS OWENS: The owner of organic farm stand Owens Truck Farm in Ashland appends an outhouse to his business, labeled "Official NH Voting Booth," featuring two toilet seats and two mannequins dressed as Hill.
A farm includes livestock as discussed here as well as dairy, poultry, fish, fruit, or a truck farm (a farm that produces vegetables for market).
Valerie grew up on her family's truck farm in South Dakota, and spent her summers harvesting tomatoes and melons.
They are garden coaches and educators and a Truck Farm is one of their venues.
For her, it would be a truck farm on a small, sloping piece of land "all pesticide- and GM-free," she said, referring to genetically modified seeds that dominate much of US corn and soybean crops.
I have seen acres of CRP and meadow rooted up as if hit by cluster bombs, and if a bunch of hogs hits a truck farm it can be worse than a Biblical locust plague.
Truck Farm is an eye-opening documentary about modern-day urban farmers.
For 20 dollars a year, Cheney and Ellis, filmmakers by trade, will deliver unlimited vegetables to anyone within reasonable driving distance, and eventually customers' fresh greens will come with a DVD of a truck farm documentary.
Earlier, it was a truck farm where his grandfather raised squash, cucumber, corn and tomatoes in the summer and greens in the winter.
The Truck Farm is proud to offer the Tia Rita and Desert Farms lines of Southwestern products, as well as Besito Caliente, an award-winning blackberry habanero gourmet sauce.