truck garden

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Noun1.truck garden - a farm where vegetables are grown for markettruck garden - a farm where vegetables are grown for market
farm - workplace consisting of farm buildings and cultivated land as a unit; "it takes several people to work the farm"
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Ignorant and inexperienced, it is not strange that in the first years of our new life we began at the top instead of at the bottom; that a seat in Congress or the state legislature was more sought than real estate or industrial skill; that the political convention or stump speaking had more attractions than starting a dairy farm or truck garden.
There was always plenty of work to do on the farm, paper route, grocery store box boy, weeding, and irrigation pipe crew on a large truck garden and delivering produce to market in Seattle.
Last year's potato patch at the family farm is now a truck garden that produces crops for sale to local food-buying groups.
They said that with that plow, you could cultivate and maintain a truck garden with just one implement," Chris says.
The date was 1924 (the year before I was born), and it surely did not go on truck garden soil