truck traffic

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Noun1.truck traffic - trucks coming and goingtruck traffic - trucks coming and going    
vehicle traffic, vehicular traffic - the aggregation of vehicles coming and going in a particular locality
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Voyage Control got its start handling the truck traffic for London's Olympia exhibition center.
Truck traffic decreased from 144, 990 in July 2018 to 130,936 last month, which the company said was "mainly due to the lack of recovery in the automotive market, and a slowdown in UK consumption".
The net impact of this has bee broadening out in levels of weaker demand for both rail and truck traffic, the result of slower industrial production, and creates a more problematic outlook.
The measure aims to increase safety and ease car traffic, the Road Infrastructure Agency said.The heaviest car traffic is expected at about 2 pm, and traffic tomorrow will likely be heavy, too, Maria Boteva from Traffic Police told a briefing, quoted by Focus News Agency.The ban on truck traffic will apply to the following road sections:- the motorways;- road I-1 Rebarkovo-Botevgrad, with traffic redirected on II-16 Rebarkovo-Svoge-Sofia ring road in the direction of Sofia;- I-1 from Blagoevgrad to Kulata border checkpoint;- I-4 Koritna-Veliko Tarnovo-Shumen;- I-5 Ruse-Veliko Tarnovo;- I-8 Kalotina checkpoint-Sofia;- I-9 Varna-Burgas;- II-18 Sofia ring road;- II-99 Burgas-Tsarevo.Heavy trucks will also be banned on the last holiday, April 29, from 2 pm to 8 pm.
PARIS, March 7 (KUNA) -- Cross-channel truck traffic between France and Britain was severely hit again Thursday because of "go slow" operation by French Customs officers, local media said.
During this period, truck traffic heading northbound on Al Majd Road will be required to exit at Bu Al Yawabi Interchange towards Al Bahiya Interchange.
During this period, truck traffic heading north on Al Majd Road will be required to exit at Bu Al Yawabi Interchange towards Al Bahiya Interchange.
One resident asked the board for "interchanges" between the Planning Department and Chicopee Concrete, particularly any exchanges about increased truck traffic to the site, perhaps 160 extra trips daily.
Truck traffic is encouraged to use Route 38 as an alternate.
The ministry said in a statement that truck traffic and transit across the border have been resumed.
and Canadian trade and attracts regional passenger and truck traffic, as the bridge connects northern New York interstates to the Queen Elizabeth Way in Ontario through to Toronto.