truck traffic

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Noun1.truck traffic - trucks coming and goingtruck traffic - trucks coming and going    
vehicle traffic, vehicular traffic - the aggregation of vehicles coming and going in a particular locality
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Meanwhile, Border Police reported that truck traffic is intense at the outskirts of Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint and Lesovo border checkpoint.
Steeleville Mayor Bob Sutton said the citys truck traffic is significant roughly 900 trucks every 24 hours, mostly coming from local coal mines.
Summary: This will reduce truck traffic on Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, official said
Prequalification are invited for Valdosta Truck Traffic Study
Gibson said he was opposed to the project based on county staffs' list of denial findings including noise, truck traffic and aesthetics.
There was also a request to ban truck traffic on this section of East River Road.
Bridge traffic reached a nine-year high in 2011, with nearly two million crossings, although truck traffic was down.
That is intended to provide easier access to I-290 and reduce the amount of truck traffic on city streets.
The multiyear agreement will "provide both parties a platform to accelerate the conversion of traditional truck traffic to cost effective, environmentally friendly intermodal transportation with service that is competitive with truckload moves," the company said.
1791) describe associations between truck traffic on the street of residence and symptoms of asthma, rhino-conjunctivitis, and eczema among 13- to 14-year-old children (n = 315,572 from 110 centers in 46 countries) and 6- to 7-year-old children (n = 197,515 from 70 centers in 29 countries) in the third phase of the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC).
Great access and egress for truck traffic with good visibility from I-75.
The facility is designed to accommodate high volume rail and truck traffic utilizing 33 truck dock doors, eight rail doors, a railcar storage track capacity of 50 cars with a dedicated owned switch engine, a 60-foot refrigerated dock and a 100-plus capacity trailer staging area.