trucking industry

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Noun1.trucking industry - an industry that provides transportation for commercial productstrucking industry - an industry that provides transportation for commercial products
trucking company - a company that ships goods or possessions by truck
industry - the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "each industry has its own trade publications"
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The trucking industry reported a 0.7% hike in average transaction prices in January 2017.
Deregulation of the trucking industry and the resulting increase in competition have made it difficult for firms to raise their rates to meet rising fuel costs.
Total labor costs in the trucking industry increased 2.4% as average hourly earnings settled around $22.70 at the end last year.
Northern Ontario trucking industry officials report varying levels of disruption as a result of the recent independent truckers blockades.
The rest of the trucking industry, meanwhile, still succumbs to slumping sales.
Transaction prices in the trucking industry are forecast to fall by an average 1.8% in the last three months of 2015 compared to same-quarter-year-ago and then increase 1.2% in the final quarter of 2016.
ATA reports trucking industry hits record high in 2014.