trucking rig

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Noun1.trucking rig - a truck consisting of a tractor and trailer togethertrucking rig - a truck consisting of a tractor and trailer together
semitrailer, semi - a trailer having wheels only in the rear; the front is supported by the towing vehicle
tandem trailer - trucking rig with two trailers in tandem
trailer - a large transport conveyance designed to be pulled by a truck or tractor
motortruck, truck - an automotive vehicle suitable for hauling
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The airplane was brought on Saturday to the GA1/4zelAs.amlA[+ or -] neighborhood of the town on five trucking rigs nearly 2 months after the dismantling process started in Istanbul on April 7.
From aircraft towing apparatus weighing 44 tonne to extremely sensitive materials, over 10 thousand pieces of equipment are equal to freight of 5 thousand trucking rigs.