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1. Disposed or eager to fight or engage in hostile opposition; belligerent.
2. Showing or expressing bitter opposition or hostility; aggressively defiant: a truculent speech against the new government; a truculent glance.
3. Disposed to violence; ferocious or cruel.

[Latin truculentus, from trux, truc-, fierce; see terə- in Indo-European roots.]

truc′u·lence (trŭk′yə-ləns), truc′u·len·cy (-lən-sē) n.
truc′u·lent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.truculently - in an aggressively truculent mannertruculently - in an aggressively truculent manner; "they strive for security by truculently asserting their own interests"
2.truculently - in a defiantly truculent mannertruculently - in a defiantly truculent manner; "the boy looked up truculently at his teacher"


[ˈtrʌkjʊləntlɪ] ADV [behave] → de modo agresivo; [answer] → ásperamente


[ˈtrʌkjʊləntlɪ] advcon aggressività, brutalmente
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He swaggered truculently, stuck out his chest, roared and advanced closer to the bull.
You'll perhaps batten down your hatches till you're spoke to, my friend," cried Silver truculently to this speaker.
Du-seen, a weapon half drawn, approached truculently.
I am Buckingham," growled a burly, unwashed brute, swaggering truculently before me.
The cabby turned at him his enormous and inflamed countenance truculently.
A Levantine, burly, unshaven, and soiled, towered truculently above him.
Was it Morgan Schneiderlin, sat truculently on the subs' bench?
Ian Smith, the last Prime Minister of Rhodesia, who once thumped his chest and asserted truculently that black majority rule would not happen in the hallowed lands of Rhodesia, not even in a thousand years, did not consider himself as a "statesman" even though he knew exactly what a statesman was.
Y et he's compelled to repeat himself somewhat truculently, as if he were speaking to a distracted audience through the whirring blades of a giant wind tunnel.
This year, Snyder has managed to add an extra patina of sadness to the whole affair by truculently rejecting calls to change the Redskins' name, which a growing number of people regard as a racial slur.
No, there hasn't been any one else," she answered almost truculently.
More recently, however, China has truculently asserted its territorial claims in the South China Sea.