true bug

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true bug

1. A hemipteran.
2. A heteropteran.
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n., v. bugged, bug•ging. n.
1. Also called true bug. any insect of the order Hemiptera, characterized by sucking mouthparts and thickened, leathery forewings.
2. (loosely) any insect or insectlike invertebrate.
3. Informal. any microorganism, esp. a virus: an intestinal bug.
4. a defect, error, or imperfection, as in computer software.
5. Informal.
a. an often short-lived enthusiasm; a craze or obsession: He's got the sports-car bug.
b. an enthusiast; fan; hobbyist: a camera bug.
6. a hidden microphone or other electronic eavesdropping device.
7. Horse Racing. the five-pound weight allowance that can be claimed by an apprentice jockey.
8. to install a secret listening device in or on: The phone was bugged.
9. Informal. to annoy or pester.
10. (of eyes) to bulge.
11. bug off, Slang. to leave or depart (often used as a command).
12. bug out, Slang. to flee in panic.
put a bug in someone's ear, to give someone a subtle suggestion.
[1615–25; earlier bugge beetle]


(bug, buk)

1. a river in E central Europe, rising in W Ukraine and forming part of the boundary between Poland and Ukraine, flowing NW to the Vistula in Poland. 450 mi. (725 km) long.
2. a river in SW Ukraine, flowing SE to the Dnieper estuary. ab. 530 mi. (850 km) long.
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true bug

A wingless or four-winged insect having mouthparts adapted for piercing or sucking. Bedbugs and lice are examples of true bugs. See Note at bug.
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Noun1.true bug - any of various insects of the order Hemiptera and especially of the suborder Heteropteratrue bug - any of various insects of the order Hemiptera and especially of the suborder Heteroptera
hemipteran, hemipteron, hemipterous insect, bug - insects with sucking mouthparts and forewings thickened and leathery at the base; usually show incomplete metamorphosis
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"Invasive Stink Bugs and Related Species (Pentatomoidea): Biology, Higher Systematics, Semiochemistry, and Management" is the first book that presents comprehensive coverage of the biology of invasive pentatomoids and related true bug species and addresses issues of rapidly growing economic and environmental concerns.
The number of lady bird beetle and true bug in the control plots had significant difference with those in insecticide treated plots.
Coming soon to a bookstore and theater near you: "Twilight: Breaking Bug" and HBO's new series "True Bug: Bitten in Bon Temps!"
* These days, people tend to call all insects "bugs." But there is actually only one type of true bug. A bug is a kind of insect that has a long mouthpart, which it uses to pierce its food.
Clearly, maintaining a healthy colony of Dermestid beetles is a science and, in truth, The Bug Man owes his well-earned nickname to his wonderful wife, Danielle, the true Bug Lady.
In my office at home, I dumped out the contents and found the following arthropods: 25 carabid beetles plus many parts, including the head capsules of another 14; at least four isopods (pill bugs); one hemipteran (a true bug); one ant, and 32 mites (possibly passengers on the 39 carabid beetles).
Stinkbugs--named for the ultra-smelly odor they emit--are just one type of insect that scientists categorize as a "true bug." Just as beetles form a distinct grouping of insects, so do bugs.
The giant water bug is a "true bug," a member of the order Hemiptera, family Belostomatidae.
A classroom full of kids is a true bug buffet, full of sneezes, coughs, and fevers.
But the Australian insect is a true bug. Turn to page 42 to get the true scoop about bugs!
The soapberry bug is a neotropical and nearctic true bug that relies on the seeds of sapindaceous plants for development and reproduction (Carroll and Loye 1987).
Preliminary genetic analysis of a recently-discovered invasive true bug (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Plataspidae) and its bacterial endosymbiont in Georgia, USA.