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Noun1.true fungus - any of numerous fungi of the division Eumycotatrue fungus - any of numerous fungi of the division Eumycota
fungus - an organism of the kingdom Fungi lacking chlorophyll and feeding on organic matter; ranging from unicellular or multicellular organisms to spore-bearing syncytia
division Eumycota, Eumycota - true fungi; eukaryotic heterotrophic walled organisms; distinguished from Myxomycota (funguslike slime molds): comprises subdivisions Mastigomycotina; Zygomycotina; Ascomycotina; Basidiomycotina; Deuteromycotina (imperfect fungi)
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Alder Phytophthora disease evolved from algae, but as its spores can swim in water it is not a true fungus. As floods are becoming more common, this water-loving pathogen looks set to spread further.
Although pythiosis is not caused by a true fungus, the pathogen has some morphologic characteristics in common with fungal members of the order Zygomycetes, mainly in histopathologic sections.