true mahogany

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Noun1.true mahogany - mahogany tree of West Indiestrue mahogany - mahogany tree of West Indies  
mahogany tree, mahogany - any of various tropical timber trees of the family Meliaceae especially the genus Swietinia valued for their hard yellowish- to reddish-brown wood that is readily worked and takes a high polish
genus Swietinia, Swietinia - tropical American mahogany trees
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In addition to resembling mahogany, sapele gives the much-needed tonal qualities and sound projection of true mahogany.
It is available in 14 shades: Bisque, Ivory, Blush Beige, True Beige, Neutral Beige, Warm Beige, Neutral Sand, Honey Sand, Desert Sand, Terracotta Sand, Palest Mahogany, Blush Mahogany, True Mahogany and Deep Mahogany, the same shades as the Exuviance Skin Caring Foundations (SPF 15) formulated for light to medium coverage.
Wherever possible retailers will call a tropical red wood 'mahogany.' Species of Khaya are often referred to as the 'African mahoganies' and species of Entandrophragma have been called the 'West African mahoganies' although neither of the species is considered a true mahogany."