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Noun1.true statement - a true statementtrue statement - a true statement; "he told the truth"; "he thought of answering with the truth but he knew they wouldn't believe it"
statement - a message that is stated or declared; a communication (oral or written) setting forth particulars or facts etc; "according to his statement he was in London on that day"
gospel truth, gospel - an unquestionable truth; "his word was gospel"
tautology - (logic) a statement that is necessarily true; "the statement `he is brave or he is not brave' is a tautology"
truism - an obvious truth
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I was just to give a plain, true statement of my acquirements and qualifications, and name what stipulations I chose to make, and then await the result.
The scrapes of the bad boys make up the rest of the story, and it is for those you read these books, I think," answered his mother, stroking back the hair off the honest little face that looked rather abashed at this true statement of the case.
It is useless to tell her she is man's victim, that she is his plaything, that she is cheated, down-trodden, kept under, laughed at, shabbily treated in every way--that is not a true statement of the case.
Bulstrode shrank from the direct falsehood of denying true statements. It was one thing to look back on forgiven sins, nay, to explain questionable conformity to lax customs, and another to enter deliberately on the necessity of falsehood.
He had evidently made up his mind to attack Poland whatever happened, and although he now says he put forward reasonable proposals which were rejected by the Poles, that is not a true statement.
It's a true statement only if he also includes the US army in the list of terrorist groups.
Joshua " Saturday's fight at Madison Square Garden also represents Joshua's first opportunity to make a true statement in the US market, which remains boxing's most influential.
A neighbour who had pleaded with Marete to allow the couple be taken to hospital was also forced to sign the letter as a witness confirming it as a true statement of Ng'ang'a's.
The answer to Question 5 in your December Quiz says, "Circling approaches require left-hand turns unless the approach procedure explicitly states otherwise." Is this still a true statement when the runway you're landing on is published right traffic?
Kevin J Wilkinson Rumney, Cardiff Wrong decisions - but in safe jobs THE Echo article "Taxpayers spend more to get fewer services" (February 7) is a true statement of how inefficiently the Welsh Government and local authorities are running Wales.
THE Western Mail report "Taxpayers handing out more but getting less for their money" (February 7) is a true statement of how inefficiently the Welsh Government and local authorities are running Wales.
"It could be a true statement but was taken out of context, therefore it becomes false.