true vocal fold

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Noun1.true vocal fold - either of the two lower vocal folds that come together to form the glottistrue vocal fold - either of the two lower vocal folds that come together to form the glottis; produce a vocal tone when they are approximated and air from the lungs passes between them
plica vocalis, vocal band, vocal cord, vocal fold - either of two pairs of folds of mucous membrane projecting into the larynx
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The patient subsequently underwent microdirect laryngoscopy, excision of a left true vocal fold granuloma, angiolytic KTP laser treatment of the attachment site, and dexamethasone injection.
Spontaneous resolution of hemorrhagic polyps of the true vocal fold. J Voice.
Based on a history of long-standing hoarseness, voice abuse, and presence of a solitary polypoidal lesion over the true vocal fold, a preoperative diagnosis of a laryngeal polyp was made.
The ventricular cavity is uniformily lined by ciliated pseudostratified columnar epithelium except the true vocal folds and the dorsal surface of the epiglottis which shows stratified squamous epithelium on them (Fig.
Strobovideolaryngoscopy (SVL) revealed a new right mid-membranous vocal fold mass, moderate erythema and edema of the true vocal folds and arytenoids, and thick mucopurulent secretions (figure 1, A).
Age-related changes affecting the larynx include alterations in cartilages, articular surfaces, ligaments, supporting structures, and the true vocal folds. Changes in the laryngeal cartilages include complete ossification by the eighth decade, and often by the sixth decade.
We hypothesize that an improvement in subjective and objective measures of swallow function will be demonstrated in patients suffering from UVFI after medialization of the immobile true vocal fold via injection laryngoplasty.
A singer who believes it is necessary to sense the vocal folds as they vibrate may be creating glottic resistance that is more appropriate for biological functions than for singing, or may be recruiting neck muscles for ventricular approximation that may eventually become fatiguing and inhibitory to true vocal fold vibration.
Videostroboscopy demonstrated a right true vocal fold polyp and left true vocal fold cyst.
Examination revealed the presence of a large polyp on the left true vocal fold that had caused stenosis of the posterior glottis.
On initial examination at our institution, videostroboscopy demonstrated a large submucosal fullness involving the right true vocal fold, which was relatively a dynamic because of the lesions mass effect.