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Adj.1.true-false - offering a series of statements each of which is to be judged as true or falsetrue-false - offering a series of statements each of which is to be judged as true or false; "a true-false test"
multiple-choice - offering several alternative answers from which the correct one is to be chosen; or consisting of such questions; "multiple-choice questions"; "a multiple-choice test"
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There will be a bag raffle, as well as a 50/50 True-False round.
The poll by The Washington Post provided participants with 18 pairs of opposing true-false statements without identifying the persons who made them.
Then they present sample multiple-choice questions and true-false questions on knowledge assessment, applied decision making, skills assessment, and critical thinking.
He describes the steps to success in law school and the types of exams they might encounter, study techniques, and tips on preparing for and taking exams, including taking notes, synthesizing cases, outlining course material, researching types of exams, techniques for all essay questions, and techniques for fact-based essay questions with uncertain and certain answers, essay questions without substantial fact analysis, take-home and performance exams, and true-false and multiple-choice questions.
A good friend, Jayne Gaspich, forwards a true-false quiz.
The last page contains 15 true-false statements about cats.
The Royal College of Anaesthetists has recently changed the format of its multiple choice question (MCQ) examination from multiple true-false type questions to single best answer (SBA) type questions, the type traditionally used by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA).
This study aims at comparing the difficulty levels, discrimination powers and powers of testing achievement of multiple choice tests and true-false tests, and thus revealing the rightness or wrongness of the commonly believed hypothesis that multiple choice tests don't bear the same properties as true-false tests.
Not well-documented in Excel, double dashes will take the result of a TRUE-FALSE argument and make it a one (1) if TRUE or a zero (0) if FALSE (see sidebar, "Dissecting Double Dashes").
The text contains about 3,000 exercises, including general exercises, true-false questions, multiple-choice questions, and computer exercises.
The two most popular types of objective test questions are multiple-choice and true-false:
A breakdown of test questions lists strategies for true-false, multiple choice, matching, fill-in, and essay questions.