Being authentically such by birth.
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genuinely or authentically so from or as if from birth: a trueborn patriot.
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The Jewish-dominated Budapest press launched a strange kind of inverse assimilation; the "trueborn" Hungarians, the majority had been assimilated to the cultural patterns of minority, the shallowly assimilated cosmopolitan Jewish minority.
Peasantry, in Hungary, has been trapped in the structures of dual society, as a sub-society subdued to upper society consisting of the "trueborn" Hungarian gentry and the foreign origin, German and Jewish, bourgeoisie.
Bai, Discrimination of Trueborn Tuber Dioscoreae by Fingerprint Infrared Spectra and Principal Component Analysis, Chin.
He said: "What greater pleasure can there be for a trueborn English man or trueborn English woman to listen to our own national anthem, a national anthem for our whole country, for our whole United Kingdom of which England is but a part but an important part.
"[The Druze], this trueborn Arab sect, has always stood by rightful stances," Wahhab said during a reconciliation ceremony in the Jaramana area in rural Damascus.
"Identity politics," Eriksen concludes, "is a trueborn child of globalization" (p.
Readers know this to be false and hope that both characters will find themselves and each other in their new roles: Kayla working for an underground terrorist organization, and Devak as a minorstatus trueborn who still pines for Kayla, a GEN, or genetically engineered nonhuman.
When she learns that her Assignment is to care for the aging patriarch of a trueborn family, she quickly becomes involved in a countermovement, one that must stop a terrible conspiracy and work to find justice and freedom for all humans.
Asked whether he should be handed the vacant deputy PM post, Mr Straw responded: "That's a matter for Gordon Brown, but can I also say there are plenty of English people - trueborn Englishmen and women - in his Cabinet."
At 74, our Willie is in boisterously fine fettle - just as a trueborn Texan rebel who has been messing with the prejudices and playing the heartstrings of the general public for seven decades should be.
Smollett's Briton, like Defoe's earlier trueborn Englishman, is defined more through a hybrid genealogy than through exclusion.